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I am very passionate about community work because I believe that it can lead to social change. I have had the opportunity to use my skills in various activities where I could see a direct impact.

My ultimate goal is to keep developing projects that aim for the preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity as well as the creation of social equity.




I have participated with the University of Nayarit (Mexico) in doing fieldwork and revitalization efforts in Wixárika communities where I documented the language and taught the writing system to some people from the community called 'El Colorín' (Nayarit, Mexico). For this type of work, I created materials to teach the language by using my linguistics knowledge and my teaching experience.

I have also been involved in the diffusion of the Wixárika culture and language by giving some radio interviews at “Voces Indígenas” ["Indigenous voices"] RADIO AZTLÁN 550 AM; in working on a database consisting of recordings for community use; training professors of indigenous languages to teach a second language in their communities; as well as the publication of traditional legends from the Wixárika cosmogony.

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